TMT 325

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TMT 325
TMT 325 represents an injectable blend containing Trenbolone Enanthate (125mg), Testosterone Enanthate (100mg), and Drostanolone Enanthate (100mg). This combination is virtually indispensable for bodybuilders preparing for a competition, with approximately 90% of enhanced competitors relying on this potent trio right up to their show day. It is commonly referred to as the “CUT STACK.”
Cut Stack Overview:
Potency: Each milliliter of this formulation contains 325 mg of active ingredients.
Chemical Formula: C17H19N5
Molecular Weight: 322.1023 g/mol
Active Components: Trenbolone Enanthate 125 mg, Testosterone Enanthate 100 mg, Drostanolone Enanthate 100 mg
CAS Number: 434-22-0
Formulation: Injectable, sterile solution with an oil base
Administration: Intramuscular injection

Market Status: Requires a prescription for use.

Product Description:

TMT 325, also referred to as the “CUT STACK,” is an injectable blend carefully crafted for bodybuilders preparing for contests. It combines the potent properties of three key components:
  • Trenbolone Enanthate (125mg) – Renowned as one of the most anti-catabolic hormones available, Trenbolone aids in preserving muscle mass.
  • Testosterone Enanthate (100mg) – Serving as the foundational element, Testosterone helps maintain essential bodily functions and counteracts aromatization.
  • Drostanolone Enanthate (100mg) – Masteron contributes by optimizing intracellular water levels while preventing excessive extracellular water retention, resulting in a chiseled, lean, and tightly defined muscle appearance.

This meticulously blended trio of powerful compounds offers consumers exceptional value and convenience, as it reduces the overall oil volume required for administration. TMT 325 is an ideal choice for both competitive athletes and advanced physique enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance-enhancing supplements.

3 reviews for TMT 325

  1. Nathan

    Fast gains, feeling stronger than ever.

  2. Wilbur

    Quality gains, surpassed my goals.

  3. Michael

    Increased strength and muscle mass.

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